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Ljubljana city centre is an excellent living proof and chronicle of the rich central European past, cultures and styles, resting on a two millennia old fundaments of Roman “Emona”, embedding the symbols and influences of medieval German urbanisation principles, Napoleonic and Hapsburg social welfare proliferation traditions, orderly preserved and successfully integrating post WWII communitarian and egalitarian philosophies of abode and life..

..all spiced up just a notch with a surprisingly well measured dose of Slavic soul and tradition.

Ljubljana centre is organically formed on town’s medieval structures, on the banks of Ljubljanica river, much of it enveloping around the base of Ljubljana Castle hill. Ljubljana Castle is a dominating landmark, excellently preserved and renewed, accessible by a courtesy electric train called Urban or by foot, via a maze of intimate medieval narrow streets on the hill slopes. Also there is an express payable Funicular Railway.

You can appreciate the riverbank’s dense and narrow houses and settlements from a river-taxi frog perspective or by strolling over numerous pedestrian bridges conveniently uniting both of the banks, populated with dozens of places to visit. Stopping on iconic Three Bridges and the Dragon Bridge are a photo hunters must-do. On a Sunday the embankment hosts a cozy Flea Market, where you can amuse yourself in reflections and souvenirs of past times.

Ljubljana city planning is orderly rooted in Austro-Hungarian tradition of 18th century planning and crowned with intriguing architectural artefacts of grand architects such as Plecnik, delivering several modern and contemporary masterpieces of architecture. Ljubljana lends modern city infrastructure and public transportation concepts,successfully delivered by the Municipality in past two decades, awarding Ljubljana being recognized as the European Green Capital for several years.

Ljubljana Market is grandiose display of town’s central placement in the midst of surrounding provinces hastily delivering daily best of goodies and fresh produce for enjoyment of visitors and is providing a charming blend of urban pulse with popular culture.

Country is extremely safe and people are visitor friendly, hence Slovenia ranks extremely high in overall safety. Public health system is at comparative European level, all mayor international insurance networks are well represented. All governmental offices and authorities, including the police and public transportation officers speak decent English.


Most Slovenes speak well English, German or Italian, French population is around 1500 fixed settlors, Spanish is becoming an increasingly popular second language. Slovenia is a small nation, well aware of this fact, greatly curious and willing to learn. People are outgoing for interaction with foreigners.

There is a kind of obsession for competition and perfection in Slovenia, hence the order and excellent sports traditions. We’ll make this work for you.

Ljubljana is full of social interaction and populated with cafes, bars, pastry shops, restaurants, manufactures, art galleries and shops. The food is versatile and surprisingly rich for such a small country, as the gastronomy traditions evolved under different culinary influences.

For bohemian and avant-garde souls, you will want to stretch your legs on Trubarjeva, Trnovo embankment and peek into colorful part of Ljubljana.

Wines are spectacular, spirits and beers are fantastic.

Visiting Ljubljana on a nice day leaves no soul indifferent.







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